Saturday, October 23, 2010


Kisschacey is a Melbourne based mens clothing label that consistently brings out really beautiful lookbooks with great photography and a really different approach to showcasing their pieces (as well as being helped by having an exceptionally attractive model...). Above is their Winter Collection 2010: This is War. The label really nails denim, with a different cut to slim jeans to allow for (or so I'm told) larger thighs, so they fit footballers etc better and allow for a tighter fit on their beefed up quads and calves.

All Hope Is Gone is their current Spring range 2010 which follows through on the photographically stunning imagery and is in Bali (I think). Below is an older collection, Autumn 2010: We Are World Changers. Shot in amongst big beautiful trees.

I keep grabbing their lookbook's when I go into Globalize and have been meaning to post about them for ages and just never got around to it, but there you go. Really well executed lookbooks from this relatively young label.


  1. Wow there are some really breathtaking shots in this campaign!

  2. some really good shots here and the model is v easy on the eye too lol

  3. Haha I know isn't he! That element definitely helps, but I just find this photography so enchanting. Not sure why I mean its not really ground breaking stuff, it has just been executed so well.

    Thanks for reading guys - Arash I love your blog!

  4. These shots are completely bananas. I am in love with these x a million!!! :) Thanks for sharing, Augusta.


  5. i love the shots have such a unique feel to them really strong! def gona check out the label now!