Sunday, February 5, 2012

Collect Magazine.

"Collect is a 64-page magazine published every second month of the year.

We make the magazine because we believe in the print medium and know nothing is dead if it's done right. Collect talks about rejuvenation, interesting places and celebrates good people. We like to think that the future is small, and we want our readers to know the people in their neighbourhood, even if they are only ideological neighbours. 

Based in Adelaide, Collect talks about the world."
Being a huge lover of print media myself, I have a real soft spot for a beautiful magazine. My room is full of Frankie, Russh, Yen and Oyster back issues, because they are so beautiful I can't bear to recycle them.
Collect is another magazine that shines through as a beautiful thing to have in your hands. Based in Adelaide and stocked all over the world, this is another Adelaidean gem. Check out this video below by Filmtraits about Collect. It showcases so many of the little things that make our dinky little city so lovely to live in (and there is a daschund in it!).

Check out their website to find stockists around Adelaide and the rest of the world.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Treasure troves.

The one thing that is killing me about working full time (designing very... 'festive' shall we say... retail work) is that I don't have an awesome studio in which to luxuriate amongst pretty things and really feel inspired every day. My main focus for the coming years is to develop a library of books, magazines and trinkets that will create my dream studio. I thought for this post I'd share with you some of the real gems I have come across, for artwork, homewares, stationery - anything really.

Follow Store is based in Surry Hills, Sydney. While I'm not fortunate enough to have visited it in the flesh I spent countless hours perusing the wares available on the online store.

among some of my favourite picks are these little beauties

Lesli beaded necklace - $45.00
Frost Bite T-shirt by Das Monk - $60.00
Raindrops cushion - $80.00

shelf / life showcases a carefully selected range of stationery and homewares from around the world. They stock unique products and have an online store for those not able to get to their bricks and mortar store in Surry Hills. 
My very favourite item online is this daschund (I have a 6 month old daschund puppy and my life now seems to revolve around irregularly long dogs with short legs).
Daschund - $95.00

I first discovered Rachel Castle through her collaboration with Gorman recently and subsequently found myself perusing her web store, with prints, manchester and cushions with her unique designs.

Rachel Castle for Gorman rainbow tank $69.00

Rachel Castle for Gorman beach towel - $79.00
(I want this so badly!)
Random Spot #5 Original print - $320.00

Let me always be with you - Felt & linen piece - SOLD - $590.00

Dawn Tan is a Melbourne based artist who my cousin put me on to. She creates these wonderfully childlike watercolour pieces that have so much charm, innocence and nostalgia for me in their execution.

This work was commissioned by my cousin Lauren for her husband Andy (he's british, can you tell?)

Meaty pillowcase set - $75.00

This Marshamallow bag is part of a series of wearable packaging Dawn created. The marshmallows look so soft you just want to fall asleep on it!

One Small Room is a gem residing in the ever more hipster by the day area of Croydon in Adelaide. Queen street boasts a number of delicious eateries, fashion boutiques and homewares stores but OSR is my personal favourite. You can't buy online unfortunately but they do stock Bespoke Letterpress gift wrap which will be featuring later on. If you're in Adelaide I urge you to go down and have a look at OSR, there are amazing prints for children's rooms, interesting and unique toys, books and homewares.

Well I think those should keep us all occupied for a while - I will post another batch of stores I love very soon!