Saturday, July 24, 2010

Nona Burden

All works property of Nona Burden

Nona Burden is a visual artist from South Australia.

I may be biased, after all she is my mum... but she's a very talented lady!

Have a look at her website or check her out on Behance.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Si Scott

All works property of Si Scott

Si Scott is an internationally renowned graphic designer/illustrator/artist whose work came to my attention during my time studying at Shillington College. He creates the most beautiful, delicate, ethereal works.

His work with type is what initially drew my attention to him, he makes type look like liquid or smoke, with that essence of vapours and movement, like the type is dissipating.

I always check out his latest work when I'm feeling short of inspiration. Check him out on Behance network too.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Cumulus Light is available for download

As the title states, I made a font. Its name is Cumulus, and I created it as my major project for my masters degree. I'm in the process of creating other weights in order to release a type family for sale, but for now, Cumulus light is available for download on the following sites:

I haven't actually uploaded it to all of those, but some other people seem to have done it for me (kind of creepy). Anyway it's a unique sans serif font and it is free for personal use. Check it out, I actually did a half decent job!

Monday, July 19, 2010

what time do you make it sir?

I've been swooning over the idea of a chunky man-style watch for ages now. I haven't ever worn a watch and I rely on my phone's clock wayyyy too much - I'm sure mum will be proud when one adorns my wrist. The thing is, these watches are all chunky, oversized (and beautiful) and my wrists are teeny. Like teeny tiny. People laugh at them.

So this tiny wrist factor had been holding me back. But, my boyfriend is currently in Bali and I thought what better a time to begin my watch-wearing life than with some cheap balinese copies of these gems? So I sent him on the plane with a print out of watches (including those pictured above) and I'm hoping he will obediently come home with at least a Michael Kors tortoiseshell copy and the black Marc Jacobs. Oh hell I want the gold Michael Kors too! But beggars can't be choosers so if he comes back with anything resembling those I'll be very happy.

So now its just a waiting game til he comes home on Monday and I can go and get a thousand* links taken out of the bands so they will fit my ridiculous child-size wrists.

* yeah more like 10...

Sunday, July 18, 2010


images from


Applying for jobs. Is there anything more tedious and soul crushing? All I want is a junior design job in a place with more credentials than a printer or a place that churns out junk mail catalogues! Clearly, I am asking too much. But I will continue on searching for the perfect job - this could take a while...

Thursday, July 15, 2010


image from Tony Bianco website

I'm so excited. I just ordered this awesome pair of boots from Tony Bianco online store. It was my birthday in July so I took up the offer of 30% off as a birthday present from Tony Bianco.

I can't wait to break in these babies at Splendour in the Grass!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

State of Georgia a/w 2010

images taken from State of Georgia's website

State of Georgia by Georgia Hall is by far and away one of my favourite fashion designers.
These photos are from her autumn/winter 2010 range, the full lookbook is on her site.
I'm definitely getting my hands on at least one item from this range. Love. love. love.
I especially love that grey sweater dress, the jumpsuit (amazing!) and the black dress with the full skirt and ruffle details.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Let's Colour Project

images courtesy of Let's Colour Project

The Let's Colour Project is a very cool initiative from Dulux, Dulux Valentine, Coral and Marshall. The idea is to fill grey spaces throughout the world with colour and vibrance. The project has already hit places such as London, Istanbul and Rio De Janeiro, involving the communities in a collaborative effort to reinvigorate dull places. I think its a great idea and looks like a lot of fun. You can never have too much colour and brightness in your world.

The project has a blog you can check out here.


Buamai is a site dedicated to collecting interesting/inspiring/humorous imagery. The curators of the site post images they come across in their daily lives. The site's curators come from creative realms all over the world, such as graphic design, architecture, fashion and art. It's a great site to have a look at when feeling a little beige and uninspired. Get into it!

Friday, July 9, 2010

No Pattern

Both images courtesy of NoPattern's website and are property of Chuck Anderson

Chuck Anderson, of NoPattern Studio is one of my favourite digital artists. His work is alive with colour, light and movement. I am eternally jealous of his success, given that he has virtually no formal training - but with talent like this, what more do you need?

Calling all creatives!

For anyone who has an interest in the creative industries, be it owning a studio/company, freelancers, or those (like me) who are looking for their perfect job, this place is for you.

The Loop is a new and upcoming networking community for those within advertising, design, production and any other form of creative realm, looking to promote themselves or their company, network and make connections.

It is still in the Beta stages but I urge anyone from anywhere in Australia to sign up. You can upload your folio of work, showreel, resume etc and view other people's profiles, search for jobs, send "handshakes" (sort of like poking in Facebook... but without the strange connotations!) and more. As they say "Facebook is for your personal life & The Loop is for your creative professional life - never the two shall meet!"

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Chewed by Tuesday

Picture courtesy of Chewed by Tuesday's website

Here's an upcoming jewellery label hailing from Melbourne, Vic called Chewed by Tuesday. I wish I had the dough to buy the chewed penlid necklace. Love it!

Popping the post cherry

Hey folks,

I've started this blog as a way of posting cool things I stumble across. I'm sure none of this will be groundbreaking news but hey who knows.

My main interests are graphic design, art, fashion, music and culture. I'm currently living in the sleepy town of (r)Adelaide, SA and I just finished a masters degree in design with digital media a few weeks ago. Right now, I'm trying to keep myself inspired and upbeat about my current (relevant) unemployment, in between shifts at IGA.

So... even if this is for my own entertainment - enjoy.