Wednesday, September 29, 2010

feeling the denim vibe

feeling the denim vibe

Wow. Life has been pretty intense lately - sorry about my drop in postings but I've been neglecting my enormous dirty washing pile and my gym membership as well so [under]exposed is not alone.

This new job is great but until I get into the swing of it it seems to be consuming more of my spare time than I'd like - that and it was a huge weekend for me - friday night drinks got out of hand quickly, then the grand final party on saturday got even more out of hand, recovery on sunday and then I had graduation on monday. So its been pretty hectic in my world.

Anyway... I just love Nicole Richie's jewellery line House of Harlow 1960 (but really, who doesnt?) and I recently bought a great oversized tee by Sass & Bide which I think is what has inspired me to create this collage. That and Wolf Like Me by TV On The Radio, an old favourite of mine that really goes with this effortlessly cool look. I'm definitely a sucker for stand-out statement jewellery. Sometimes even the simplest outfit can be made amazing with the addition of a bold necklace, ring etc.

Parklife is coming up this long weekend - can't wait! Oh and speaking of exciting things, I found an amazing vintage fox fur cape in Goodwill a few weeks ago for $50. I love it. I definitely don't like the idea of buying a new fur, but I figure when its vintage I'm not propelling the market.

I don't have any good photos of it right now but for the moment, this one gives an idea - that's my mum on the left - we were at a the opening of Shop Five's new store in Melbourne Street.

Anyway, I'd better get to bed so I can do it all again tomorrow.


Thursday, September 23, 2010


Sun Splash - Instrumental by lukemillion

Hey all, sorry I've been pretty slack of late - I promise I'll make up for it on the weekend, but I started a new job this week and have been flat out with freelance work, family stuff etc. So I know I've been a bit absent. Anyway, to tide you over, this is an instrumental track by lukemillion, one third of disco act The Swiss. If this doesn't make you feel like dancing I don't know what will.

Speak soon - happy thursday 

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bright eyed and bushy tailed

I wore this to my half day trial at Indy C on Thursday, will hopefully hear from them on Monday. Not that it matters either way, really - I got offered a part time job at an advertising agency called The Kiln on Friday (woohoo!) and I start on Monday. Still, both positions are part time so I'm keeping my options open!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

After Dark - The Count & Sinden feat. Mystery Jets

After Dark - The Count & Sinden feat. Mystery Jets by MusicHatch


all images from Stencil's Facebook page

I have some extraordinarily talented friends. 

These jewellery pieces were designed by my friend Emma Thomson and are her first collection - called "Beautiful Mistakes" - under her label Stencil. All the items are hand made with love and they are really unique creations.

If you like what you see, and to get your hands on some of these, check out her Facebook page here.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ivana & Katerina

Photos from Ivana & Katerina's facebook page

My excitement for Summer continues to build and when I came across the designs of Ivana & Katerina swimwear my excitement level went through the roof! These girls have created truly one of a kind styles and have added an extra bit of flair to the humble bathing suit. These bathers are not for the faint-hearted - you will get noticed in these statement pieces!

Ivana & Katerina are an up and coming label from my home town of Adelaide, in South Australia and this is their second range of swimwear. They are being stocked at Azalia Boutique in Croydon and Chasing Nel in Glenelg, but check their website for other stockists. They are also stocked online at One Little Piece (love this online store) and Lavera Boutique.

I absolutely love the brightly coloured orange peacock print one piece and the black and white two piece with the frill detail on the shoulders. The entire range has this great versatility about it and the designers mention on their website that the pieces were also designed to be easily incorporated fashionably in to an outfit.

Hurry up Summer!

Monday, September 13, 2010


some pretty photos

I've been spending a bit of time on Looks Like Good Design recently and have come across two photographers whose work I found really beautiful and just had to reblog.

First up is Jill Greenberg and her series of monkey portraits. I found these images so charming and surprisingly relatable as these monkeys allowed their personalities to really shine through and Jill captures these moments so effectively.

The next photographer is called Eirik Slyngstad. I found the colours and compositions in this fashion shoot very appealing and dreamy.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

This girl means business

With things starting to (possibly) look up for me in terms of scoring a job I've begun to think about work - appropriate attire. The industry I work in is less corporate in feel and you have many more options in terms of what you wear to work. This outfit would be ideal in the milder weather we have approaching here in Australia - I wish I could actually afford all of these items but I think I'll just have to use this collage as inspiration for a more thrifty version!

my love affair with shoes continues...

images from Tony Bianco's website

Tony Bianco recently ran a competition to win a years worth of Tony Bianco shoes. Naturally, I entered this multiple times and crossed my fingers and toes and waited to be informed that I had won. I might be waiting forever though; the three winners were announced yesterday and unfortunately none of the names were mine.

Nevertheless, I'm very impressed with their current range and have found them to be very consistent throughout 2010 bringing great styles at affordable prices. I'm in love with my boots I bought earlier in the year (see this post) and I thought I'd pop up a few images from their online store of some other very impressive pairs of shoes.

I also spotted a very cute bracelet on their site that have on my list for when I actually have money to buy things...

Well its another lazy saturday for me so far, I have so much cleaning to do (euwww) and various other menial tasks to complete. I'm thinking that I might try and pluck up the courage to start doing some outfit posts on here. What do you think? Anyway I hope you're all having lovely weekends wherever you're at.


My profile on The Loop

Hey guys, just a link to my professional profile on The Loop. The Loop is a professional networking site for designers/creatives/employers to get exposure, network and even score work. If you're a creative professional living in Australia and you don't yet have a profile on The Loop, I highly recommend you jump on board. Check it out here: Augusta Lindquist

Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Swiss

The Swiss DJ mix for Studio Brussels by The Swiss

The Swiss are a band from Adelaide that have been going great guns in the last year. They just finished a whirlwind tour of Europe and the USA and are back home in Adelaide after playing a dj set at Splendour. If you're heading to any of the Parklife festivals definitely make an effort to catch their set. I've posted a dj set here and one of their EPs from SoundCloud.

Also, despite the sad news about Ou Est Le Swimming Pool's frontman, Charlie Haddon, passing away a couple of weeks ago, the band has decided to go ahead with the album release in late September (I think). I was really looking forward to catching these guys at Parklife but it was obviously not meant to be. I definitely think that these guys had a huge amount of potential and the album was going to be huge regardless, but given the circumstances I think it will get a lot more exposure. Some bittersweet success for the remaining members.

One more band plug - The Holidays. These guys are from Sydney and have been getting some exposure on Triple J and Nova apparently too. Head to their MySpace to check out some of their tracks.

Another rainy day in Adelaide - I'm actively avoiding heading back outside but am about to meet Bre to obtain some margarita mix and sombreros for our impending mexican festivities tonight - nothing like a bit of tequila to warm you up!


Friday, September 3, 2010


images courtesy of Seafolly's website

Oh yes. I'm excited about the warmer weather heading towards Australia as we round out the first week of Spring. I know I'm getting a little ahead of myself, but my thoughts have already turned to hot summer days at the beach and I am in desperate need of some new togs.

I checked out Seafolly's range for 2010 and I saw a lot of good pieces. Great colours and some bold choices in terms of different tones and cuts. The traditional frilly look has had a revamp in some of these pieces making them more feminine, grown up and flirty.

I'm really rating the return of the one piece to the fashion world - I think everyone is really. Lets face it, bikinis aren't everyone's cup of tea and they certainly have a time and a place. I think I'll be investing in one of these beautiful one pieces for some leisurely lap swimming at the gym when the sun begins to shine, and definitely a 2 piece for beach times... after a much needed health kick!

I'm also loving the new swim range by The Cassette Society. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find imagery on their site, but trust me - its good stuff. I saw them stocked in Globalize, not sure where else they are stocked. But some good prints and a real attitude and confidence about their range.

Happy Friday - It's raining in Adelaide all weekend so not much fun in store for me, but you never know...


rainy days

good weather to be snuggled under a blanket, dreaming of sunnier days...