Saturday, September 11, 2010

my love affair with shoes continues...

images from Tony Bianco's website

Tony Bianco recently ran a competition to win a years worth of Tony Bianco shoes. Naturally, I entered this multiple times and crossed my fingers and toes and waited to be informed that I had won. I might be waiting forever though; the three winners were announced yesterday and unfortunately none of the names were mine.

Nevertheless, I'm very impressed with their current range and have found them to be very consistent throughout 2010 bringing great styles at affordable prices. I'm in love with my boots I bought earlier in the year (see this post) and I thought I'd pop up a few images from their online store of some other very impressive pairs of shoes.

I also spotted a very cute bracelet on their site that have on my list for when I actually have money to buy things...

Well its another lazy saturday for me so far, I have so much cleaning to do (euwww) and various other menial tasks to complete. I'm thinking that I might try and pluck up the courage to start doing some outfit posts on here. What do you think? Anyway I hope you're all having lovely weekends wherever you're at.


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