Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Swiss

The Swiss DJ mix for Studio Brussels by The Swiss

The Swiss are a band from Adelaide that have been going great guns in the last year. They just finished a whirlwind tour of Europe and the USA and are back home in Adelaide after playing a dj set at Splendour. If you're heading to any of the Parklife festivals definitely make an effort to catch their set. I've posted a dj set here and one of their EPs from SoundCloud.

Also, despite the sad news about Ou Est Le Swimming Pool's frontman, Charlie Haddon, passing away a couple of weeks ago, the band has decided to go ahead with the album release in late September (I think). I was really looking forward to catching these guys at Parklife but it was obviously not meant to be. I definitely think that these guys had a huge amount of potential and the album was going to be huge regardless, but given the circumstances I think it will get a lot more exposure. Some bittersweet success for the remaining members.

One more band plug - The Holidays. These guys are from Sydney and have been getting some exposure on Triple J and Nova apparently too. Head to their MySpace to check out some of their tracks.

Another rainy day in Adelaide - I'm actively avoiding heading back outside but am about to meet Bre to obtain some margarita mix and sombreros for our impending mexican festivities tonight - nothing like a bit of tequila to warm you up!



  1. I guess I have some listening to do! :)


  2. You certainly do! Hope you enjoy! x

  3. the swiss dj set was really chilled on saturday night. did you go? enjoy? he pumped out some good delorean and classixx toooones! love your blog too by the way. Love

  4. Hey Eliesa, did I go on saturday, both to The Swiss' free gig at the Lion and the subsequent dj set at Limbo. Awesome night. They are great dj's and always choose a great mix of tunes.

    Thanks for the blog love honey. x