Thursday, March 31, 2011

A shift in a new direction

I've just recently accepted a job offer for full time work - finally! The office is very casual, it is at the head office of a games (as in x-box, playstation etc) retailer and I'm replacing their graphic designer. I'll be doing catalogues, web banners, point of sale, posters etc. I'm so excited that I congratulated myself with these two beautiful shift dresses from ASOS. My first ASOS purchase so I'm hoping the sizing will be correct, but they seem to have a perfectly reasonable exchange/refund policy.

As its coming into winter here in Australia (and a little too quickly after a very lacklustre summer!) I've started searching for more neutral toned items and the beauty of these dresses is they'll work well with tights and I can dress them up or down and layer them for work, dinners etc. Next stop, American Apparel for some high waist pleated pants... but I think I'll wait til pay day!

Where you'd rather be...

Have a gander at these amazing photos of a sixteenth century house restoration. I am a massive fan of the old & new juxtaposition in design and this is an incredible example of how beautiful it is when done right. And Anna Noguera (an architect from Spain) could not have got it any more correct. These images are from Looks Like Good Inspiration - a blog that features unique and talented people's work over a range of fields.

The bath! How amazing are those clean lines and muted tones of the concrete. 

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sequoia Tree

A couple of friends of mine, Kristjana and Simone have a fashion label called Sequoia Tree - not sure why I haven't mentioned them before but I was just killing time on Facey (as you do) and remembered that they had some amazing photos taken last year and decided I should share them. The model is my very gorgeous sort-of step sister Mimi and they are taken around Adelaide Festival Centre by Jacki Browne Photography.

They really are clever girls - these photos have such a cool metallic/retro feel. They have been featured in SALife Magazine as up and coming Adelaide designers. Not sure where their stuff is stocked at the moment, if at all, but if you want more info check out their Facebook page.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cousin It

Just had the Global Keratin hair taming treatment at my hairdresser today (Speckled Boa hairdressers - check out their website, still in construction, but I'm designing & building it!) and although my hair is much smoother and healthy looking than Cousin It's here, but you're not allowed to put your hair behind your ears or tie it up for 3 days after and I'm already feeling like Cousin It. I. Can't. See!