Friday, July 9, 2010

Calling all creatives!

For anyone who has an interest in the creative industries, be it owning a studio/company, freelancers, or those (like me) who are looking for their perfect job, this place is for you.

The Loop is a new and upcoming networking community for those within advertising, design, production and any other form of creative realm, looking to promote themselves or their company, network and make connections.

It is still in the Beta stages but I urge anyone from anywhere in Australia to sign up. You can upload your folio of work, showreel, resume etc and view other people's profiles, search for jobs, send "handshakes" (sort of like poking in Facebook... but without the strange connotations!) and more. As they say "Facebook is for your personal life & The Loop is for your creative professional life - never the two shall meet!"

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