Monday, July 19, 2010

what time do you make it sir?

I've been swooning over the idea of a chunky man-style watch for ages now. I haven't ever worn a watch and I rely on my phone's clock wayyyy too much - I'm sure mum will be proud when one adorns my wrist. The thing is, these watches are all chunky, oversized (and beautiful) and my wrists are teeny. Like teeny tiny. People laugh at them.

So this tiny wrist factor had been holding me back. But, my boyfriend is currently in Bali and I thought what better a time to begin my watch-wearing life than with some cheap balinese copies of these gems? So I sent him on the plane with a print out of watches (including those pictured above) and I'm hoping he will obediently come home with at least a Michael Kors tortoiseshell copy and the black Marc Jacobs. Oh hell I want the gold Michael Kors too! But beggars can't be choosers so if he comes back with anything resembling those I'll be very happy.

So now its just a waiting game til he comes home on Monday and I can go and get a thousand* links taken out of the bands so they will fit my ridiculous child-size wrists.

* yeah more like 10...

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