Sunday, February 5, 2012

Collect Magazine.

"Collect is a 64-page magazine published every second month of the year.

We make the magazine because we believe in the print medium and know nothing is dead if it's done right. Collect talks about rejuvenation, interesting places and celebrates good people. We like to think that the future is small, and we want our readers to know the people in their neighbourhood, even if they are only ideological neighbours. 

Based in Adelaide, Collect talks about the world."
Being a huge lover of print media myself, I have a real soft spot for a beautiful magazine. My room is full of Frankie, Russh, Yen and Oyster back issues, because they are so beautiful I can't bear to recycle them.
Collect is another magazine that shines through as a beautiful thing to have in your hands. Based in Adelaide and stocked all over the world, this is another Adelaidean gem. Check out this video below by Filmtraits about Collect. It showcases so many of the little things that make our dinky little city so lovely to live in (and there is a daschund in it!).

Check out their website to find stockists around Adelaide and the rest of the world.

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