Saturday, October 16, 2010

Five Thousand - The best cultural guide for things in Adelaide

Five Thousand is a guide to what's happening in Adelaide. There is a guide for each Australian city, based on their cbd postcode. For example, Melbourne has Three Thousand, Brisbane has Four Thousand and Sydney has Two Thousand. It is kind of like a magazine that comes out weekly, with articles on various events/places.

You can browse the site in the following categories: 
• hear. 
• read. 
• goods. 
• look. 
• shop. 
• watch. 
• out.
• stray.
• work.
• eat/drink.
• win!
• maps.

The Thousands have recently released an iPhone app for those who want to see what's on, on the go. Simply search 'the thousands' in the app store and hey presto! there it is.

So if you're stumped with what to do, check out The Thousands, there's sure to be something there that tickles your fancy.

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