Saturday, October 16, 2010

Oscar The Third

Oscar The Third is a local label by designer Jessian Polk. The label has been around for quite a few years ago now, but has only come to my attention in the last year or so. The Othello collection was the Summer 2010 range and incorporates a beautiful understated colour palette of neutrals with luxe fabrics and simple, calculated cuts.

Now, their spring range which is called the Sweet Jane collection is out. This range follows a neutral palette as well but with a dash of burnt orange here and there to brighten it up. The cuts are once again simple and confident, making this label so very wearable.

It is stocked at Shop Five in Melbourne street for us Adelaidians, for other stockists across Australia & Asia please check their website.

Visit Shop Five's Facebook page here.
Visit Oscar The Third's Facebook page here.

Happy weekend all! The weather in Adelaide is pretty dismal, so I think I'll be laying low with this month's Yen & Vogue to keep me company... I might venture out tonight though, who knows.



  1. He did a very pretty collection
    Loving the black and white dress

  2. I'm also feeling the black and white dress, nice collection.