Tuesday, August 17, 2010

shoes, shoes, shoes...

all images from Wittner's website

If I had endless amounts of money I would definitely be putting it towards hugely expanding my shoe collection - there are so many amazing pairs floating around at the moment I find myself constantly swooning over pairs I can't afford (because I can't just choose one I want them all!)

I've posted a collection of shoes I've recently lusted for from Wittner. Keeping in mind all these pairs are just from Wittner - you can imagine how much money I would need if I were to buy all the shoes I wanted from every store! Eek.

I love all the lace up shoe booties around at the moment - so cute and comfortable too! And being winter I'm very into natural leathers and suede - they have a warmth about them that I love.

So the job hunting continues... I need an income to support all my wants and needs!


  1. I especially like two and four, although I've been taking a hard look at colored suede myself.

  2. I hear you...gotta make money to support the fashion addiction. Love these shoes!


  3. love love love all of these shoes!!!
    such a good post :)