Saturday, August 14, 2010

field day, anyone?

Field Day 2011

Ah, August. The last month of winter, all the stores are filling with impractical summery clothes and everyone is longing for Spring. Another thing that happens in August - New Years planning. If you have any intention of doing something remotely organised and fun on new years, generally you must start getting your ass into gear months and months ahead. This pisses me off. How am I meant to know what I want to do in 5 months time for just one night?

All the hype I find generally results in a really average night when it comes to the actual nye. Maybe thats just me, but I can't honestly look back at the past 5 nye's I've had and say they were good nights. On the most part, they were pretty shit.

Every year I enter the Falls festival ballot only to not be offered tickets, or worse yet, be offered tickets to Marion Bay when all my friends were lucky enough to score Lorne tickets. Epic Fail.

After all of this bitching however, I believe I have found the answer. Field Day. Now this, I am keen for. What a line up! And in a beautiful setting by the sounds of it. Like Parklife, but different! I'm all motivated off the back of my trip up to Queensland for Splendour in the grass, and a trip to Sydney for new years sounds like my cup of tea. Now, all there is to do is round up a good crew!

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