Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Cassette Society

I recently bought 3 new additions to my wardrobe, made by The Cassette Society. While I love their designs, I've found their sizing to be really inconsistent. I had previously purchased a size 8 skirt that I had intended to wear reasonably high waisted but it is too large, so I wear it on my hips - not a big deal - pretty sure it was designed to not be high waisted anyway... but I ordered a pair of black denim shorts in my recent purchase, chose a size 10 which should be fine (I'm a 10-12 in denim usually) and 2 tops that were size 8.

Utero Rose Triangle Tee

Neon Indian Crochet Tee

Oversized Black Cat Shred Short

Anyway the size 10 shorts which are admittedly described as oversized, were so big that I would have to take them in at least 4 inches just to get them to stay low on my hips without falling off! I don't even think their 8 would have fit me. That really pisses me off - there's no point in making oversize, slouchy fit shorts with a size 10 tag on them if you'd need to be more of a 14 to fit them! The 10 should be made to fit a 10 with the cut they intended. Anyway despite this, both the t-shirts fit perfectly at size 8 and I love them, but it does leave me with little confidence about their sizing.

I've had to put the shorts up on eBay seeing as there's just no way I can get them to stay on me - so if you're interested, you can find them here. They're really nice shorts, I'm devo they don't fit!

Well, first day of summer in Australia and pretty much the whole country has been washed out by rain and storms. Hopefully the weather starts to get its act together soon!
Happy wednesday all. xxx

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  1. I agree, I've had problems with their sizing as well. They're really not the best quality unfortunately.