Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Broken Bones

I've mentioned Sydney act The Holidays in a previous post and I thought I would share their video for single 'Broken Bones' which has been getting a LOT of airplay on Triple J at the moment. So good to see how well they're doing. Definitely a band to watch. If you're in Aus/NZ and you want to catch them they are playing along with some other awesome acts (Yeasayer, Les Savy Fav, Gotye, Foals to name a few) at St. Jerome's Laneway Festival throughout Jan-Feb.

Well I've officially been put on work holidays until mid january, which in some ways is so awesome and so so shit at the same time. On the up side, I will definitely have a lot more time to put into posting because I've definitely slacked off of late. The financial situation will be pretty dire, but it'll be a fun challenge to find cheap entertainment!

Heading to Sydney for New Years and Field Day festival so I'm channelling all my energy into funding the trip - it will definitely be a very expensive 5 days! It's my friend's birthday on NYE and I think she's planning a picnic dinner and drinks down at Pyrmont to watch the fireworks - should be good fun. We were planning on this harbour cruise which would have been an incredible night but its looking like we are just too poor to add that to the budget. Devo!

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